America's favorite burrito (and e-coli) distributor, Chipotle, just dropped an update for its Android ordering and payment app that aims to make paying for guac and chips a bit more convenient. The headline feature is fingerprint reader support, but there are a couple of other improvements as well. Here's a summary of the changes from the app store description.

What's New 2.5.0
• Fingerprint Support – Protect your account and purchases with a passcode and fingerprint.
• Quicker Checkout – Pay with a card and get your Chipotle fix with one less button to tap.
• Scan your Card – Use your camera to add a card to your account.

It's a good thing that you'll be using the fingerprint reader before you eat, because it might be difficult for your phone to recognize your greasy, salsa coated fingers after your meal. Current users can update the app through the Play Store now. Haven't used it yet? Try it out for yourself by following the link below.

The Nexus 6P is the first phone I have owned with a fingerprint reader, and I have to say, I love being able to replace passwords with a finger tap. It's encouraging to see more and more developers add fingerprint support, hopefully someday it will be a feature all password protected apps have.

Price: Free