Most of the top Android phones (and even some mid-range ones) are shipping with fingerprint readers these days. App developers are starting to take notice and add support to apps, and today an important one for many people has been updated. Chase Mobile, which has tens of millions of downloads, now supports fingerprint logins. Bank of America just did the same a few days ago.

The Chase app is a portal for all of Chase's banking products. It's not terrible as far as banking apps go, and the latest update makes it even better. The only change listed is the addition of fingerprint logins. You'll need to be on Android 6.0 in order to take advantage of the feature.

Chase notes that your password is still required for certain features after you log in, but they don't specify. The updated app is live in the Play Store if you want to investigate.

Chase Mobile
Chase Mobile
Developer: JPMorgan Chase
Price: Free
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