I’ve been a loyal Wearer (is that the right term?) since the launch of the 2014 Moto 360. I bought one as soon as I could, and I wore it every day. It didn’t exactly change the way I use my phone, but hey, I’m an early adopter. We get things before they’re great so we’re already there by the time they are. Well, I’m kind of still waiting.

Wear just hasn’t seen too many updates in terms of functionality and usability and it’s really starting to show. When you take a look at promo material for Wear, it’s painfully clear we’re still quite a bit off from having our wrists do most of the heavy lifting in our digital lives. When was the last time you got a high tide notification on your wrist or opened a garage door without taking out your phone?

Even the apps that do exist aren’t terribly good. Eat24’s app just crashes on launch. The issues aren’t relegated to software either. Most devices are the same round watch face with little to differentiate them from the crowd. Then again, most apps on Wear are just watch faces, so I suppose that fits. Plus, there's still a startling lack of devices that are IP68 certified, which rules out all useful scenarios involving water. Wear has been out for two years now. While I'm not ready to drop my Huawei Watch, I really need to see more forward momentum in the next two years than we did in the first two.

Check out the video for my full take, and let me know what you think in the comments!