Pebble's unique smartwatch platform still has a few advantages over Android Wear and the like, particularly in battery life. And the latest version, the Pebble Time Round, is worth considering for anyone who was a fan of the original Pebble. It's considerably better-looking than the square Pebble Time (relatively large bezels notwithstanding), and the color screen and three-button interface are preserved. Today several of the Pebble Time models with leather straps have a generous discount over on Amazon.

Prospective buyers can pick up the black case + black strap model (20mm), black with red strap (20mm), or steel with tan strap (14mm) for $143.99, a $56 discount off of the retail price. The silver 20mm version is still full price at $249, and the 14mm "rose gold" version has only a slight discount to $191.87. Note that the 20mm strap is much wider, and generally thought of as a "men's" model, while 14mm straps are usually marketed for women. (They're also harder to find replacements for.)

Like its predecessors, the Pebble Time Round is compatible with all Android phones running 4.3 or later, including essentially all phone notifications plus custom watch faces and Pebble apps. The watch lasts for about 2 days on a charge and features IPX7 water resistance. This doesn't appear to be a price drop from Pebble itself, so there's no telling how long the reduced price will last.