Disqus has been our comment and discussion platform of choice here at Android Police for just over four years. In that time, over a million comments have been made by you, our readers. I think I can speak for the entire AP team when I say that reading comments threads on the articles we write, particularly when they are witty or insightful, is one of the highlights of this job.

Disqus is the vehicle that carries these comment threads that bring us collective enjoyment, education, and sometimes frustration. We are sure that there are things that you love about Disqus, and, perhaps, some things you would like to see changed. Next week, you will have the opportunity to voice your opinions and submit your queries directly to some of the decision makers at Disqus. On Friday, April 29th at 11AM PST (click to check what time in your time zone) we are hosting an AMA (Ask Me Anything) with four members of the Disqus management team, and you are all invited to participate.

The four individuals who will be answering your questions are:

  • Tony Hue, Community Manager
  • Daniel Matteson, Product Support lead
  • Talton Figgins, Product Manager
  • Daniel Ha, CEO of Disqus


They are excited to engage with you and are eager to answer your questions and address your concerns. In particular, they would like to learn the following from you:

  • What do you like/don't like about Disqus?
  • How can the commenting experience be improved for you and the AP community?

Discus wants to hear from you, the commentators at AP, in particular because this is one of the best and most active communities using Disqus. We pride ourselves on our engaging (and often entertaining) comment threads and are very excited that Disqus is looking to us to find ways to make their product even better.

We hope you will join us next week for the AMA. In the mean time, think about what improvements you would like to see in Disqus, and maybe jot down some questions or concerns you would like addressed. We'll be posting a new article for the AMA shortly before 11AM PST next Friday, the 29th. The AMA discussion/Q&A will happen in the new post's Disqus comment thread (don't expect answers in today's announcement post). We look forward to seeing and joining you there!

The AMA is live.