A few days ago, we reported about Twitter's undergoing works on a more Material Design interface for its Android app, which was showing up for some users as part of an A/B test. But Twitter's efforts in modernizing its UI don't seem limited to the native app, as a very similar white and blue look has shown up on the Twitter mobile site.

mobile-twitter-old mobile-twitter-material-1

Current mobile Twitter interface (left) and new one being tested (right)

We're not quite sure how widespread this UI is: only one reader has tipped us about it and neither Artem nor I are seeing it. Regardless, the new look is much better than the old one: it no longer feels like an iOS app with its blue and black gradients and old iconography. Tweets are lot more spaced out and embedded images and links show up in-line. But, as with all tests, the design doesn't seem to be ready yet: Moments and Lists are nowhere to be seen.

mobile-twitter-material-2 mobile-twitter-material-3

Putting that aside, I'm loving the new look. It sits better at home in Android and, for those who only use Twitter sporadically, it can easily do the job of a native Twitter client with a simple homescreen shortcut. Hit up mobile.twitter.com and let us know if you see it too.

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