Hype Machine isn't your typical music discovery service. It relies on music blogs to aggregate the most recent and talked about music tracks across the internet and from various genres. You can only listen to songs when the original blog has posted a link to SoundCloud, Bandcamp, or Official.fm for example, but the track itself isn't hosted on Hype Machine.

The service is more geared toward the music blogging scene, providing links to the articles where each song was shared and letting you favorite blogs and users to follow what they've been posting. Essentially, it's a heavily curated music social network and it works very well for those who like that approach.

Until yesterday, the Android app cost $3.99 (I personally bought it several weeks ago when it went down to $0.99). But now it's completely free and once an app drops its price to zero on the Play Store, there's no going back. The change was announced on Twitter and it seems to affect the Android app only for now, not the iOS one. We're not sure whether this means ads are coming, but that would be annoying if you've already purchased the app. For now, it's still ad-free.

The app is Material-adjacent, with hints of modern design all around. It works on both phones and tablets and lets you access Hype Machine's feature popular list, explore different genres and browse by blog, listen to the posted songs, check what's new, and follow your favorites. If that sounds good to you, strap on your headphones and bob your head over to the Play Store.

Hype Machine
Hype Machine
Price: Free
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