I don't understand a lot of things about design, but if you ask me, those Jonathan Adler designs for Motorola's X Pure Edition aren't that appealing. They're interesting, sure, and I might want them for a couple of days or weeks, but I'd get bored of the pattern pretty quickly.

If you don't agree with me or you just want an X Pure on the cheap and don't care about the back design of the phone, you might want to hear about Motorola's latest deal. The regular Moto X Pure Edition usually costs $399.99, but it's now being discounted to $349.99. That isn't the lowest you can pay though. The Jonathan Adler limited edition of the phone is dropping down even further, going from $474.99 to $299.99: a whole $175 of savings and $50 less than the regular X Pure.

There are three designs to choose from, all sharing the same white front housing and silver accents on the sides and around the camera, but differing in the back pattern: Honeycomb, Half Circle, and Bridget. Inside, they have the same features as the Moto X Pure Edition: 5.7" 1440p screen, Snapdragon 808, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage with MicroSD slot, 21MP/5MP camera setup, 3000mAh battery, and water-repellent nano-coating. If you're interested, check the designs out at the link below and try to make up your mind quickly.