The era of ubiquitous wireless charging isn't quite upon us. With metal bodies blocking the connection and fast charging reducing how much time we spend tethered to a wall, most of us don't expect to see all that many people (even those with high-end devices) dropping their phones on pads

But there remains something cool about not having to fumble around for a cord. You know where the Qi wireless charging pad is, you drop your phone down, you shimmy it a little, and you're done.

Samsung's latest flagships, large and larger alike, support wireless charging. So do plenty other phones, such as my aging Nexus 5. Right now you can get various Choetech qi wireless pads on Amazon, and the prices drop if you use coupon codes. The discounts range from $4-$10. You can find three options linked below, with various sizes and charging speeds. The codes are all valid until the end of April 25th.