The title for the sequel to Stealth Inc. is a pun on HBO's Game of Thrones fantasy series. Perhaps that's why NVIDIA published it to the Play Store this week: with the next season starting on Sunday, there's no better chance to capitalize on at least a few dozen people mistakenly putting the wrong search phrase into Google. But underneath its pop culture allusions there's a solid platform-puzzle game, and now it's available for the SHIELD Android TV and SHIELD Tablet (sorry, SHIELD Portable owners... and every other Android user, I guess). It's $10 with no in-app purchases.

The Stealth Inc. series mixes conventional platforming mechanics with a stealth theme: your little bobble-headed hero can stay hidden in shadows and becomes an easy target in the light. If you've ever played Mark of the Ninja (which could really do with a SHIELD version, any day now NVIDIA, kthnxbye), it's a very similar setup. The player character's night vision goggles glow green in the dark and red in the light, easily showing the player whether they're visible or not. Your job is to rescue a bunch of clones from an evil, or at least severely maladjusted, genius. This involves a Metroid-style progression with new tools and puzzles that are gradually opened up.

Stealth Inc. 2 combines a 2D layout with 3D graphics and some stylish effects for a cartoony but surprisingly engaging look. The multifaceted levels can be difficult, but controls are precise, so when you die you have no one else to blame. The price is high by Android standards, but it's actually a bit cheaper than the PC version, which is going for $15 on Steam at the moment.