Google is apparently reaching out to Maps explorers with word of a new app heading down the pipeline.

The email invite calls on recipients to be the first to try a new app for travelers. There isn't much in the way of details, other than the availability for both Android and iOS. But given the recent launch of Google Destinations, travel is clearly an area of interest for the company.

Screenshot_20160421-194346 Screenshot_20160421-194400

Google wants invitees to complete a short survey. Questions center around which operating system you're using, whether you use Gmail, if you plan on going on a trip sometime soon, and what kind of trip that will be. If you're selected, you will receive instructions on how to get the app starting next week.

Google is sending invites to Local Guides who reach Level 2 or higher. This isn't a high bar to meet. It amounts to scoring 5 points, which you can get by answering questions, submitting photos, and making corrections to Google Maps. Basically, Google just wants to know that you're interested enough to do more than simply sign up. If you start accumulating points now, maybe you too will get an invite.

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