I know what you're thinking. There just aren't enough carrier bloatware widgets on the home screen of your phone. Well, AT&T has heard your unspoken pleas. There's an update rolling out to the Galaxy S7 Edge on AT&T that includes various performance improvements, but also a new DirecTV widget on the home screen. Yay?

Complaints aside, there are a few important changes in this OTA. Here's the changelog.

  • Performance enhancements:
    • DTV Widget added to HomeScreen +1
    • Improves home and volume keys responsiveness
    • Improves WIFI performance when using BTLE
    • Other performance and security enhancements

So, other than the unnecessary DirecTV tie-in, you might notice the volume keys work better, and WiFi will be more stable when Bluetooth is connected. This should also include Samsung's latest round of security patches. The update will be 135-173MB, depending on the OS version you're on now. The OTA (build G935AUCU2APD1) just started rolling out yesterday, so don't panic if it's not available on your device yet.


AT&T is pushing the same update to the regular Galaxy S7 as well. The AT&T site is still updating, but the changelog should eventually include the same items as the one above.