Google is rolling out some big features for Inbox today aimed at making it easier to stay on top of the deluge of email you probably deal with. That's really the idea behind Inbox itself, so this all goes to the heart of what makes Inbox preferable to boring old Gmail for some. This app is getting three new experiences including better event overviews, newsletter link previews, and a "save to Inbox" feature with its own Chrome extension.

First, we've got a much better UI for calendar events in Inbox. Inbox gathers all the emails for a single event into a single bundle, so you can see what's changed in one place. This should make it easier to remain up-to-date when plans change.


Newsletters are getting some special attention in the new version of Inbox as well. If you've subscribed to a few newsletters, you know actually going through the list of links can be tedious to the point you just ignore some of those emails. Inbox will now show you expanded previews of those links in a cool new interface so you can get an idea of what's worth checking out.


Finally, there's the new "Save to Inbox" feature. Have you ever emailed yourself a link? That's a pretty clunky experience, but it works. Save to Inbox does the same thing, but smarter. You can share a link from your browser to Inbox, then save it to Inbox. All your saved links will be grouped together in one place. You can still share via an email too. There's a Chrome extension for Inbox now, which will facilitate saving links to Inbox via your desktop browser.


The extension is live now for Chrome. Save to Inbox and the other features appear to be working on Android already too. For once we might not need to hunt down an APK to make the new features work.