Android N won't be out for at least a few more months (and much longer for most devices), but you can get a little taste of the dev preview on your phone right now. The new Google Camera build that shipped with the new N preview is hitting the Play Store, and we've got an APK you can install.

The Play Store still lists the old changelog, and this is a staged rollout. Here's what we spotted in the new version previously.

  • You can now take photos while shooting video once again (there's a new button on the top right)
  • Slow motion is now a separate pullout menu item rather than a button in regular video mode
  • Updated shutter button
  • Updated icon for front/rear camera swap

Taking photos during video recording is a big deal, though they are only video frame resolution. There's a button in the corner to snap a pic while recording video. The look and feel is a bit different as well, and slow motion (on supported devices) has moved to the pull-out menu.

We only have the ARM64 version on APK Mirror so far, but it shouldn't be long before the 32-bit ARM APK shows up too.

The 32-bit arm APK is now up.

Google Camera
Google Camera
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free