Guys, it's time we had a talk. There's... someone else. On our YouTube channel. His name is Mark Burstiner, and you've probably noticed some of the videos he's made for us in the past month (aren't they awesome?).

We know that, over the years, many of you have asked us here at Android Police to do videos. We pondered this a great many times, and a great many times we sort of tried, then stopped, then started again - and the quality just wasn't where we wanted it to be. Making videos is hard, it takes a skilled person to really put in the time and effort to do it right, and that person just hadn't come along - until now.

You may know Mark from other videos he's done, but he's now working with AP. Mark has been putting out videos that, frankly, dropped my jaw in terms of quality, production values, and content. I'm not a tech video kind of guy, but I like watching Mark's videos because they're actually entertaining and interesting. We wanted to get a bit of a portfolio ready before we introduced our new video brand to you guys in a big way, and that's what today is about. You can go to our channel and find actual real, substantive, well-produced content now! We're by no means done getting things set up here: down the road, branding and graphics (I know, I know - our channel hero image is corny), types of content, equipment, and volume of videos will all be progressively working toward building a well-oiled Android Police video machine. We're really just getting started, and this is our "hello world" moment.

Right now, Android Police's video audience is, as you might guess, pretty small. We've worked hard over the past six years to build up the audience on the AP site, and now we're starting on the ground floor (well, maybe the third story) again on YouTube - but we're coming at it with a level of effort and polish that we hope you'll really appreciate and that can speak for itself, just as the content on AP does.

If you want to show your support for what we're doing here, the number-one thing you can do is just subscribe to the channel (instantly subscribe at this link or wait for the widget below to load). Really: it helps a lot. You can also, of course, watch our videos, which is super helpful, too, considering that's why we're making them.

We're open to feedback from all of you, as we want to create content that is fun, compelling, and interesting. We don't want to be just another YouTube channel. We want to be the Android Police YouTube Channel, with the attitude that goes along with it.