It's not often that we witness a complete application overhaul from Google, so today is a special day. Granted, not everyone uses Google Analytics so the number of users who will benefit from and appreciate this update is small, but it's nothing to scoff at. Web admins, like our own Artem, are just going to love it.

The first immediate change you'll notice is an icon switch. The old icon wasn't bad really, but the new one is simpler and less square. It also has a lot more yellow and no dark orange / quasi-red.

google-analytics-icon-old google-analytics-icon-new

Old icon (left) vs new icon (right)

There are new onboarding screens that explain a couple of the new app's features like swiping through dimensions and sharing reports. And so much orange.

google-analytics3-1 google-analytics3-2 google-analytics3-3

Now onto the app, the entire interface has moved from the Holo days to Material Design in one quantum leap. There's more orange here, though mixed with a lot of white and blue. Dimensions can be swiped through and metrics can be tapped to reveal more information. You can also control the date ranges, compare to other dates, and add segments to see more specific stats for your site.

google-analytics3-4 google-analytics3-5 google-analytics3-7

New above vs old below


The other important new feature is report sharing. After creating a report, Google Analytics generates an image that you can share via email, chat, or any other app.

google-analytics3-6 google-analytics-image-sharing

Creating reports (left) and a sample of the generated shared report (right)

Here's the detailed changelog posted by Google to the Play Store. The app update should be live on the Play Store, but if it's still rolling out and you don't see it yet, here's a link to the file on APK Mirror. We know you don't like waiting.


* Sharing! Share a report via text, email, chat, and more
* Customization! Customize reports and save them to your dashboard for quick follow-up
* Brand new look & feel; easier to use than ever
* New scorecard visualizations: tab through metrics, swipe through dimensions
* Change & compare date ranges, dig deeper by adding segments
* Greatly simplified navigation and report discovery

Google Analytics
Google Analytics
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