The BlackBerry Priv is an expensive phone. Despite undergoing a price drop earlier this month, the device still costs $650! That's quite a chunk of change, especially for a debut product from a new Android manufacturer (though you may have heard the name once or twice somewhere else).

Thing is, the Priv is a pretty sweet phone. It's also the only high-end Android device you can buy with a keyboard. These days, it's almost the only phone you can buy with one. But, again, $650.

Except right now you can grab the phone from Daily Steals for $449.99. For those who don't want to do the math, that's a $200 discount. That's what we call a good deal.

The situation gets better when you consider that these are new units, not used or refurbished. These unlocked phones were intended for AT&T, but you can pop in a SIM card from a different GSM carrier (T-Mobile, basically). On the downside, shipping isn't free.

The deal ends in five days.