This weekend's poll is a good old-fashioned smartphone shootout in the simplest of terms: whose 2016 flagship do you think ranks supreme?

Samsung's Galaxy S7 showed up on the scene first this year, and it made a big splash (waterproofing puns aside). By going the Apple route and offering the "same" phone in two different sizes, Samsung's also allowing consumers a choice that LG and HTC are not with the G5 and 10, and I see a lot of big-phone fans opting for the S7 edge as their most recent smartphone upgrade choice. (Our review.)

The LG G5, well, you know I'm not its biggest fan (review here), but LG has a fanbase, and at least some of those fans can see something in the G5 that puts it over the top of its competitors this year. A removable battery remains LG's standout feature in the flagship smartphone space, and a novel dual-camera setup does offer some interesting photo-taking opportunities. Whether the modules and various friends will pan out remains to be seen, but if you're nuts about gadgets, it doesn't get much gadgetier than the G5 in the realm of smartphones.

The HTC 10 isn't quite available to consumers yet, but early reviews are positive. My own thoughts? HTC seems to be pretty on-point with this phone, more focused than they have been in years on delivering an all-around good product. Is it a revolutionary device? No. But it's pretty good, and could be an appealing alternative for someone just not digging the S7's software or design without sacrificing too much functionally in the process. Our review will be up early next week.

So, who did it best this time: Samsung, LG, or HTC? Get voting!

Which phone do you think ranks supreme: Galaxy S7, LG G5, or HTC 10?

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