Knowing one language is for chumps. Oops, I might have alienated a huge portion of our readership right there. But seriously, as someone who can read, write, and fluently speak three languages, I swear by the versatility and opportunities that this kind of skill enables. I wouldn't be here on Android Police if I had stuck to my mother tongue, would I?

But there's a tax that comes with multilingualism: you often find yourself stuck on a word in one language when you just need it in another. And that's why I love multilingual dictionaries: they make it possible to quickly get the word that's been on the tip of my tongue. But some of you may like them for other reasons, like helping you learn and master a new language, or woo that sexy new French intern — "Bonjeugh." Hey, I'm not judging. Been there, might have done that.

Linguee has one of the most popular bilingual dictionaries online, and now the app is available on the Play Store. Its strength lies not just in the translations it proposes, but in the curated editorial dictionary with definitions and phrases, online translation search, example sentences, audio pronunciations by native speakers, and quick search when entering a few letters of a word.

Linguee supports several language pairs between English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, and more. The dictionaries are free and available for offline download, and the best part is that you can search in both languages simultaneously without manually switching. So before you travel to Paris, take a trip to the Play Store link below and grab Linguee to improve your French skills.

Dictionary Linguee
Dictionary Linguee
Developer: Linguee
Price: Free