Not all of the LG G5's "friends" are available in the US, but the 360 Cam is one of them. To indirectly promote that device, LG is releasing a dozen new 360-degree live wallpaper landscapes for the G5. You can download them from the SmartWorld app on your phone. And hey, while you're at it, maybe buy that 360-degree camera so you can make your own! Right?

There's a demo video above that runs you through some of the landscapes available in the first round. They are all shot by professional photographers, presumably with real cameras as opposed to the 360 Cam. LG also plans to add four more options each month through November. The wallpapers are applied from the wallpaper picker under "360 Wallpaper." This is also where you can set your own 360-degree images as wallpapers.

360-wallpaper1 360-wallpaper3 360-wallpaper2

The new LG wallpaper images will pan around as you move the phone, but you can also enable swipe panning. They're all listed individually in SmartWorld, which could make them a little hard to find. Right now they're all at the top because they're new. LG is also giving away 150 $30 Amazon gift cards to people who comment on the 360-degree video in SmartWorld.

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