A list of things that you’d like to watch in the future isn’t exactly breaking new ground for streaming video services – hell, Netflix was doing that back when they were just a mail-order DVD rental company. But the software engineers at Hulu think they’ve significantly improved on the idea with the new Watch List (capital W), which is apparently cool enough to warrant both an intro video and a press release.

Not that there isn’t some neat stuff in there, mind you. The Watch List automatically adds any show you’ve previously watched, suggesting the next episode in viewing order or popping up with a new one when you’ve caught up to the live broadcasts. It will also automatically include any movie or clip you haven’t finished watching, saving your progress and automatically resuming at the right point. If you ever see something in the Watch List that you’d rather not, it’s easy to remove manually, and shows can be added manually as well.

All of this isn’t rocket science, it’s just a combination of features that Hulu and other digital video services have had for some time. That said, it looks like a pretty convenient way to keep up with all my dumb sitcoms and superhero shows, and I dig the way Hulu will warn you when its arbitrary contracts are about to drag the show you’re watching off of the library. Hulu says that the new and improved Watch List will be added to all its various outlets, including the web, mobile apps, and TV set-top boxes in “the next couple of weeks.”