I am no Vine watcher, but I've heard that there's a lot of cool content on the social network especially if you figure out which users are the most interesting to follow. Lots of creative people have found their niche within the constraints of its short video format and that's what everyone who's sticking around likes about it.

Now Vine is getting updated on Android to allow you, the spectator, to watch an entire channel from start to finish with a single button instead of manually moving from one video to the next. The option is visible in the latest version of the app when you open a channel: there's a new Watch button next to the Follow one. When a channel is playing, you can tap and hold any video to loop it if you want to see it again. Vine's blog post also notes that you can sort videos by popularity or date before you start watching, to make sure you have content playing in the order you prefer.


This update brings you a whole new way to watch Vine.
Our new design introduces a "Watch" button that lets you kick back and view the entire story of any channel. While you're watching, you can tap and hold on a Vine to make it loop.

Developer: Twitter, Inc.
Price: Free