It's been a rough start to the day and boy do I need a cup of coffee. Hey, let me open up that Starbucks app and see what's new. Oh yes, I have a new gift because I'm a very loyal custo... damn, the app crashed. Alright, I'll try again.

This is what will probably happen when you try using the new Starbucks 4.0 Android app. The update was uploaded to the Play Store two days ago and we've been watching in awe as the bad comments started spilling and all the heads started fuming at the buggy experience. But putting that aside, once the devs manage to clean out those pesky unexpected bugs, there are some cool features to discover in the new app. Like a new Home screen or dashboard that shows your stars, available rewards, offers, and currently playing music in the branch that you're visiting.

There's also an updated look with green floating action buttons instead of the brown ones and better access to your star balance and offers. Here's the changelog and the link to the app below it. But beware that it hasn't been updated with the bug fixes yet, so you may still need to Venti a little in the Play Store comments.

The new Starbucks Rewards™ is here!
We have changed the look and feel of the app, including:
•A brand new dashboard where you see your stars, rewards, offers, music and more, all in one place.
•Star Balance – keep track of the number of Stars you’ve earned and how many you need until your next Star Reward.
•Redeem offers – now you can redeem offers (like earned free drinks and food!) with your mobile order.
•Improved mobile ordering experience for VoiceOver users.
Thank you for your feedback.

Price: Free