Google released the second Android N developer preview update yesterday, and it came with a new folder icon. Instead of the stack, you have a clipped array of the top four app icons in a circle. Here we are a day later and the new Nova Launcher v4.3 beta already offers those folder icons as an option.

The updated Nova folders act just like the Google ones—they show equally spaced icons for two, three, and four or more apps (see above). This isn't the default folder style in Nova, at least not right now. That might change later if Google makes these folders the default in the Google Now Launcher. You can select this style in settings.

Importantly, this only works on Android 5.0 and higher due to a limitation in clipping objects prior to that. You can download the new v4.3-beta5 from APK Mirror if you want to check it out. The full changelog is below.

  • Added N Preview style folder background with clipped preview
  • Custom night mode schedule
  • Fix some layout issues

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