Gather 'round people. There's a change in the second Android N Dev Preview and it will rock your whole world upside down. Oh who am I kidding, we spotted it and we know you guys like these teeny tiny tin-tastic changes in Android, even if they mean nothing to the way you use your device, so we're sharing it with you. Prepare to be underwhelmed.

If you decide to use the new 'Clear All' option in Preview 2 or if you manually clear out all your app instances from the Recents screen, instead of the lifeless "Your recent screens appear here," you'll see a graphic icon of recent apps with "No recent items" beneath it. Here are the old empty Recents screen (left) and new one (right) side by side.

android-n-preview-recents-empty-old android-n-preview-recents-empty-new

Yes, that's all. Go on, close this post, I know you want to go back to comparing every single new emoji. I understand.