In the Venn diagram of mobile users, the circle marked "rabid Shaq fans" and the one marked "active Waze users" must have a pretty tiny crossover section. But if you do happen to use Waze on a regular basis and you have the special extended DVD edition of both Kazaam and Steel boldly displayed on your shelf, today is your day. Waze has announced that the company is celebrating the start of the NBA Playoffs later this week by adding official Shaquille O'Neal voice narration to the map app's navigation service.


But the former NBA star isn't just re-recording standard navigation prompts in his own basso profondo - no, that would hardly be worth a trip to the recording booth. Instead you'll get Shaq-focused puns like "Don’t cause a Shaqcident." (It seems like cringe-inducing voice directions like that might actually be more likely to cause Shaqcidents.) Thankfully, the Shaq voice isn't enabled by default - users will have to go into the Sound menu and activate it under the Voice Language heading.

If you really must enable it, do so soon. According to the official Waze blog, the O'Neal voice directions won't be around for long. If you can't see the option in the Settings menu right away, give it a few hours - it may take a while for the setting to propagate to all users.