GoPro promised it would bring the popular video editing app Replay to Android when it acquired the developer a few weeks ago, and it's here already. However, it's only available in beta, and it's not called Replay anymore. Say hello to GoPro Quik. The app must have been pretty much ready to go because there's still some Replay branding in the screenshots.

Quik's approach to video editing is that it should be easy to get something fancy looking in a few seconds. You can select up to 200 (!) photos and videos for a clip, then apply a pre-configured style with opening text, filters, and music. You can tweak each aspect of the style, change the cropping, and trim the video. You can save your videos or share them immediately to another app.

The app has support for grabbing files from the device storage or directly from Google Photos. The cropping also adjusts automatically based on facial detection. It comes with a few dozen styles, more than 70 audio tracks, and the option to use your own music. This app is only available in beta right now, so you'll have to join that at this link first. Only then will the app show up in the Play Store. If anyone in the comments tries to tell me the Play Store link is broken, I'm going to yell at you. We've got it on APK Mirror too.