We're a few days into a new month, which means it's time for a fresh set of security updates for the Nexus family and the Android Open Source Project (AOSP). Factory images are available for most of the actively maintained devices, though it looks like the Pixel C is still waiting its turn. OTAs should also begin rolling out shortly, if they haven't already.

Google has already posted the associated security bulletin for April's update. The list of documented issues is unusually long at 29, including several vulnerabilities that could allow for remote code execution and privilege elevation. Among them is a vulnerability that is known to have been exploited in the wild by a rooting application, prompting a mid-month security bulletin. In total, 8 items were listed as Critical, 13 as High, and the remaining 8 were Moderate.

The updated build numbers include:

  • MHC19Q for the Nexus 6P and 5X
  • MMB29X for the Nexus 6, 5, 9 LTE, and (2013) 7 Mobile
  • MOB30D for the Nexus Player, 9 Wi-Fi, and (2013) 7 Wi-Fi
  • MOB30D for the Nexus 6, Player, 9 (Wi-Fi + LTE), 5, and (2013) 7 (Wi-Fi + Mobile)
  • LMY49J for the Nexus 10
  • M5C14J for the Pixel C

MOB30D builds have been removed

For reasons that haven't been specified yet, the builds labeled MOB30D have been removed from the Nexus Factory Image page just a few hours after they went up. If you have downloaded this build, you may want to hold off on installing it since there may be issues with the firmware images. Keep checking back, we'll add further updates to this page as new information comes in.

And they're back... And with more devices

Without any explanation the MOB30D factory images are back, and for more devices this time. The previous list included just the Nexus Player and Wi-Fi models of the Nexus 9 and 2013 Nexus 7. The latest update to the list includes those three devices, but also adds the cellular-enabled models of both tablets, the Nexus 5, and the Nexus 6.

It's still not clear why these were taken down, but we'll keep an eye out for an explanation and add it here. Since the MOB30D build was not posted previously, also keep an eye out for an update to our Changelog post.

Pixel C build is now available

If you were waiting on the Pixel C build to appear, you can hit the factory image page now to pick it up. While you're at it, we've got the changelog generated and available, as well. It looks like there might be quite a few bug fixes thanks to the latest round of changes, so let us know if this is fixing things for you. There's also an OTA roundup post going, but there's no link for the Pixel C as of this update. It's worth checking that post again, but you might still have to use the factory images if you're in a hurry to try out the latest build.

As usual, Nexus owners can wait for the OTAs to roll out to their devices over the next few days. Or if you feel comfortable with manually flashing with fastboot, the factory images are readily available. The patches will probably be posted to AOSP later today, so keep an eye out for a changelog this afternoon or tomorrow.