Bots. They're coming. They're not after world domination. They don't want to entrap mankind in order to guarantee our safety. They simply want to talk.

And they're talking, alright. They're talking on Telegram. They're coming to Skype. Google apparently has another messaging service in the works, and they're making plans to talk all over that.

Now they're ready to host conversations in Facebook Messenger. Lots of conversations. They will show you the weather, peddle wares, and tell you the latest news.

Facebook is happy to let them. The company boasted about the functionality at this year's F8 developer conference, as it introduced a new Send/Receive API for developers to build bots of their own. These bots not only send text messages. They can handle images and respond to user commands and prompts.

Bots infiltrated many of our desktops back in the days of AOL and AIM. Now they're going after our phones. Talk to them at your peril. Or pleasure. Some people prefer bots to humans.