It's time for another charging product portfolio review, and this time the company we are checking out is Tronsmart. Tronsmart was one of the first accessory manufacturers to embrace the Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0 standard when it was introduced. Its product quality and broad selection of QC 2.0 chargers led to Qualcomm choosing a Tronsmart charger as a hero product on its QC 3.0 featured products page.

The Tronsmart QC 3.0 portfolio is quite large, with chargers ranging from a single port all the way up to five ports. All of their USB Type-A chargers feature just one USB QC 3.0 port (marked with a blue USB port), with the remainder being VoltiQ smart ports with a maximum output of 2.4A.

They also produce a dual port wall charger and a car charger featuring a USB Type A port and a USB Type-C port. These are the devices that really caught my attention. What sets them apart from the rest of the chargers is that, in addition to being QC 3.0 compatible, they are also the first two chargers I have tested that are capable of rapidly charging the Nexus 6P and 5X. Like many of you, I use a Nexus 6P, so this is extremely welcome news.

In addition to chargers, Tronsmart also manufactures its own USB C to C and A to C cables. You can read my review of them, along with the rest of the devices Tronsmart sent me below. Links (along with discount codes) for all the products discussed are found at the end of the article.


Tronsmart's packaging is a very simple affair. Chargers are bundled in a white, thin, cardboard box, just barely larger than the charger they contain. Besides the charger, the only other contents are a warranty card and another card with a very brief explanation of VoltiQ. VoltiQ is Tronsmart's auto-detection technology that delivers charging speeds appropriate to the device that is connected.

I thought it was odd that there wasn't a card detailing the charging output of the different ports, but then I discovered that that information is printed directly on the side of each charger.

None of the chargers, with the exception of the single port QC 3.0 charger, come with an included cable (the single port charger has a 6ft MicroUSB). You'll want to keep that in mind when comparing prices between other brands, especially if you need a USB Type-C cable for your device, because those cables are still fairly expensive.

Build Quality

Tronsmart's chargers are extremely well built. All of them have a surprising heft and solid feel that denotes quality. The plastics comprising the bodies of the chargers are sturdy and strong with hardly any give or flex when squeezed. All of the chargers have a matte surface, though a glossy plastic is used for highlights (the brand name and the edges on some). They look great and are not smudge and scratch prone.

The USB ports (both Type-A and Type-C) hold cords securely. Cords don't wiggle and require a gentle, but firm, tug to extract, which is good because you wouldn't want your charger cords falling out overnight or while you are driving.

Wall Chargers

The outlet prongs on wall chargers are very sturdy. I particularly like that the two and three port wall chargers have fold-down wall prongs to prevent them from being damaged while traveling. Those two chargers are also the only models to feature a green LED indicator light. I'm not a huge fan of LED lights on chargers, as they tend to interrupt my sleep, but these aren't terribly bright and are easy to cover with a bit of electrical tape if they bother you.

The only small concern I have with any of the wall chargers is that the components inside the two port wall charger shift slightly inside the plastic housing. You can hear them slide a couple millimeters back and forth when you shake it, and when you plug in a cord you can feel the entire internal portion of the charger shift slightly further back into the casing. The good news is that the shifting does not affect performance in any way.

Car Chargers

All three models of car chargers are impressively compact. There is a very minimal border beyond the edges of the USB ports and they extend about an inch out of the charging socket (with the exception of the single port charger which is almost flush). This means they won't be eyesores in your car's central console. The springs that hold the car chargers in place work just as they should, holding the device firmly in place.


I'm pretty impressed with Tronsmart's USB Type-C cables. They sent me both Type-A to Type-C and Type-C to Type-C cables to test. The ports on both ends are very firmly set into an elongated piece of rigid, yet slightly malleable, plastic. This external housing protects and strengthens the metal portion of the connector, while still being slim enough to plug into my Nexus 6P port with a case on.

The cords are a little stiff and thick, as is often the case with wires that are capable of delivering a high current. There were some pretty heavy kinks in the cord from being tightly coiled in the packaging, but those relaxed with a bit of manipulation on my part and now the cables are mostly straight. They aren't quite as premium as the Nexus 6P OEM cable, but they are a pretty close substitute.

One thing does puzzle me about the cables. Tronsmart only sells them in two-packs and each package contains one white and one black cable. I'd much rather buy both cables in the same color, so I find this to be rather odd. It may not bother you, but I thought it was worth noting. The other thing to keep in mind is that, as I mentioned previously, you will need to supply your own USB Type-C cables if you intend to purchase one of Tronsmart's Nexus compatible chargers.


As you might expect with Tronsmart being the hero product on Qualcomm's website, the chargers work just as they should. Once again, I was unable to test compatibility with QC 3.0 devices, but I can confirm that they function perfectly with QC 2.0 devices. (I'm still trying to get my hands on a QC 3.0 compatible device to test chargers' full capabilities.)

Additionally, the two port car and wall chargers with a USB Type-C port are the first two devices I have tested that rapidly charge my Nexus 6P. In fact, they charge the 6P at the exact same rate as the OEM charger included with the phone. I can't tell you how excited I am to have a car charger that does more than trickle charge my Nexus 6P while using it to navigate. If you are using a Nexus 6P or 5X, do yourself a favor, and buy one (or more) of these chargers, they are a life saver.


Tronsmart's warranty is very straightforward. It lasts 18 months and is easy to invoke. Simply send an email to with a link to the product listing and the order number and a product replacement will be shipped within two working days.

Links & Coupon Codes

I asked Tronsmart if they would be kind enough to give us some exclusive promo codes to share with our readers. They were extremely generous and sent me codes for 30-40% off every product in their QC 3.0 portfolio. The discounts are good through the 18th of April and are only valid through vendor GeekBuying.

Wall Chargers

Car Chargers

USB Type-C Cables

Coupon Codes For UK & Canada

Tronsmart's Canadian and UK partners have kindly supplied us with discount codes for some of their QC 3.0 and USB Type-C Accessories. Enjoy!



Car Chargers

Wall Chargers

USB Type-C Cables

The codes should actually work as expected this time (fingers crossed)! Once again, I am unable to test them since I live in the US, but I am told they are all functional.


Tronsmart's portfolio of chargers is easy to recommend. They look great, work well, and are very durable. The two port chargers that are compatible with the Nexus phone's particular charging requirements are my favorite of the bunch. They work with my current phone, and with QC 3.0 compatibility, they will work well with my future phone (whatever that may be).