Opera Max isn't a browser, but it utilizes the company's well known data compression prowess to save you a lot of bandwidth and Megabytes, regardless of the app you're using to sip through your data. However, prior to today, Max was only optimized for phones and didn't work well, or at all, on tablets.

With version 1.7.5, Opera Max is adding a tablet layout that utilizes the bigger screen estate to display more of your monitored app usage, data compression results, and settings. You can enable Opera Max on your data network, your WiFi connection, or both. You can blacklist some apps, allowing them to use as much bandwidth as they want, or go drastic and prevent an app's background data usage if you don't like what it's doing when you're not using it.

Here are a couple of screenshots of Opera Max' new tablet layout in different sections of the app.

*Tablet layout support
*New languages added to the UI: Arabic, Urdu, Persian and Hebrew

There are also a few new languages supported in version 1.7.5. The download link is below and I suggest you try it if you have a limited data plan or if you often find yourself in an area where connection can be spotty and slow.