Microsoft is at it again. There's a new app under the developer's name on the Play Store, and both the description and name left us a little wondering. Aside from a cryptic name, Project "Madeira" isn't compatible with any of my devices — it's probably georestricted — and the sign-up page (uncovered by @walkingcat) doesn't seem to work for me.

But if you read the Play Store description and check the screenshots, you'll see that Madeira seems like an Office 365-integrated business management solution for small to medium companies. It should allow them to manage their stock inventory as well as their sales and purchases with different customers and vendors, create and share bills and quotes, and check their finances and performance.

The app appears to have a Preview feature now with sample data so that potential users can check out everything that it does before inputting all their data into it. It is free, though there's no word on the service's pricing, optimized for tablets, and should also be available for PCs and iOS devices too. Here are a couple more screenshots that show different sections and options inside Madeira, with the Play Store link following. If it's not available for you, there's APK Mirror to the rescue.