For those of us who watch real football, the one played with feet and no helmets (what you Yanks call soccer), a well-known app has received an update. LiveSoccer, one of the most popular football apps in the Play Store, has launched version 3.0, bringing a host of new features, including user and club profiles, 'Predict Match results,' and contests, points, and leaderboards. Sadly the app is still holo, though.

The team profiles show useful information, such as season statistics, a calendar for upcoming matches, the latest scores, a full squad list, and any details, such as phone number or website. The user profiles link in with the competitions LiveSoccer is running, which have great prizes for users to win. The first contest is a Euro 2016 competition, with prizes including team shirts, an official Euro 2016 ball, scarfs, and more. To win, users need to correctly predict the results of matches, or refer a friend to LiveSoccer. You can even accumulate points by opening the app every day.

Screenshot_20160411-234535 Screenshot_20160411-234549

Left: a club profile. Right: a user profile.

LiveSoccer is a free app, but has a paid premium tier available. This costs €1 / £0.79 / $1.12 for a month, or €5 / £4.14 / $5.79 for a year. This premium subscription enables matches to be watched in real-time, plus removes the ads present in the free version. There's also the option to answer a survey to gain access to the premium tier for 24 hours, or watch a video to get access for 90 minutes.

Euro 2016 begins on June 10 and will be hosted by France. 24 countries compete for the title, and the winner gets entered into the Confederations Cup in Russia in 2017. Meanwhile, LiveSoccer 3.0 is available on the Play Store now - if you want to win those prizes you'd better get started.