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Managing photos isn't a new problem. Smartphones may provide us with a camera in our pockets all the time, but we've had to wrestle with how to store photographs since we started taking them. We've crammed pictures into photo albums and transferred images off digital cameras using USB cables. These days we're trying to figure out the best way to manage photos on touchscreen devices that let us take and store so many.

Slidebox is one the latest options to pop up in the Play Store. This mobile app debuted on iOS, where it attracted attention for a gesture-based, some would say Tinder-esque, approach to managing your library. Don't like one of your images? Swipe up to send it to the trash.

The idea is to keep your gallery a reasonable size by making photos easier to delete. You can go through one at a time and trash items easily, rather than having to select check boxes and fuss with pop-up dialog boxes.

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Slidebox can sort photos into albums, including those that already exist in your gallery (a feature missing in the iOS version). The app also lets you compare photos side by side. This is useful if you have two nearly identical shots. Ultimately, though, Slidebox's innovations mostly deal with making your photos easier to delete and assisting you in clearing up space.

Another approach might be putting the phone back in your pocket and taking fewer pictures.

Slidebox - Photo Organizer
Slidebox - Photo Organizer
Developer: Slidebox LLC
Price: Free