Patience is a virtue, especially when it comes to the fickle world of yearly hardware upgrades. If you're willing to wait a bit for that fancy new phone, you can save an insane amount of money. For example, a brand new version of 2014's flagship Samsung phone, still only a year and a half old, can now be had for less than half of its original price. And from two different vendors, no less!

A seller on eBay and the DailySteals website are both offering the Verizon version of the Galaxy Note 4 for $299.99 outright. That's an impressive $400 off the original Verizon price, and this is a brand new device, not refurbished. Obviously Verizon customers are best positioned to take advantage of this deal, but it's worth noting that Verizon's LTE phones are unlocked for GSM networks. Using this device on AT&T, T-Mobile, or any number of budget MVNOs wouldn't be ideal (since you'd lose some LTE capability, and in some cases a few GSM bands), but it's technically possible.

Both merchants are only offering the white 32GB model - perhaps Verizon had a lot of unsold Note 4s hanging around and got rid of them at wholesale. In any case, the Note 4 is still a pretty badass phone that can run just about anything, and the Verizon version should be getting Marshmallow. Probably. Any day now. Both eBay and DailySteals are offering free standard shipping, but the listing on the latter is only active for another three days.