It's update season at Verizon at the moment, with lots of phones on the network getting updates to Marshmallow. The latest is Samsung's Galaxy S6 Edge+, receiving a build which takes it from the Lollipop-based LMY47X to the all-new MMB29K. The update includes WiFi Calling, a feature which has been in Marshmallow updates for other Samsung devices on Verizon, improvements to the Edge panel, and Live Broadcast, and standard Marshmallow features such as on-demand permissions, Doze, and Now on Tap.

Edge Panel sees news features, including Apps Edge and Task Edge, meaning users can now dock apps or certain tasks to the edge of the screen. This feature has already been seen on other Edge devices such as the S6 Edge and the S7 Edge, so it isn't new for the 5.7-inch device. Live Broadcast, meanwhile, now has the ability to be accessed quickly through the camera app. A shortcut can also be created on the homescreen for even easier access.

In other news, the Note 5 is getting a small update, fixing issues regarding connectivity and WiFi dropping out. The Note 5 already had Marshmallow (in fact, it was the first Galaxy device on Verizon to get Marshmallow), so the update just bumps up the build but doesn't make any major changes.

If you have either device on Verizon, hit up the source links below to see more information on the updates.