Sygic is one of the most well known mapping software providers especially in car dashboards. And thanks to detailed TomTom maps, offline maps access, extensive POI databases, and some more features available in its app, it's also a viable option on your Android phone. The free tier only gets you this far though, it's the Premium option that enables turn-by-turn navigation, speed limit warnings, lane guidance, and more. However, even if you had paid for the Premium license, you still didn't have access to the Dashcam and Head-up Display features.

Those were paid add-ons (on top of your paid Premium license), but that changes today. Both features will be available for free for all Premium users. As the names suggest, Dashcam records the road ahead of you to save the video in case of an accident or, in a less gloomy outlook, to share a video of anything cool or weird that happens in front of you. Head-Up Display uses your phone's screen reflection on your car windshield as a head-up display with quick instructions for your drive. It obviously works best at night.

The other change coming to Sygic is that Speed Camera will be available to all basic free Sygic users. This should get everyone warnings of "50 000 fixed speed cameras, average speed checks and red light cameras," and more than "10 000 warnings about mobile cameras and police traps each day."

The changes don't appear to be live on Sygic's site or application yet, but they should be applicable starting today. So make sure you check them out later if you're interested in Sygic's mapping solution.

Sygic - GPS, Navigation & Maps
Sygic - GPS, Navigation & Maps
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