Roku has a new streaming stick launching in a few weeks, and one of the features announced for it is private listening via your Android device. The problem: the app needed an update to do that. Now that update (v3.5) is live in the Play Store.

The changelog is just the private listening feature. Private listening is one of those features you don't think much about until you've actually used it and see how super-useful it can be. Instead of your TV speakers, sound is routed through your remote (or Android device in this case) via the headphone jack. That lets you watch video without disturbing others around you.

Some devices like the more expensive Roku 3/4 and the Shield TV have headphone ports on the remote for private listening. The less expensive Roku Stick will rely on your phone or tablet for that, with the aid of the newly updated app. The new Roku Stick will be on sale April 20th for $50. You can pre-order it now if you want to get it as soon as possible.

Developer: Roku Inc.
Price: Free