I've made Fenix my go-to Twitter client for a rather long time, and I'm not alone in that. That's the only app developer mvilla has released... until now. The second app from this dev is a feed reader with support for both Feedly and Inoreader. It has a very clean, minimalist design, and you can give it a shot for free.

RSS readers have a tendency to get bogged down with lots of buttons and menus, but Quote keeps things uncluttered with gesture navigation and a focus on text more than big flashy images. You can read articles in full-screen "readability" mode or open links directly in your browser of choice. Searching is supported too.

Quote comes with light and dark themes, but there are a few more that are included in the pro upgrade (I love sepia). That $2.49 package also adds support for multiple accounts and removes the ads. You'll probably want that if you plan to use Quote for any length of time.

Newsfold | Feedly RSS reader
Newsfold | Feedly RSS reader
Developer: mvilla
Price: Free+