HTC is going to get up on stage tomorrow to announce the HTC 10 knowing that we've all seen it from every possible angle. It must be weird to have a phone so thoroughly leaked before announcement, but it's not over yet. There's another leak, this time an official promo video.

The video was removed from YouTube almost immediately after it was mistakenly published, but it has since been mirrored all over. It's possible the above video will be removed, but at this point it seems pointless to protest. The phone will be official tomorrow, after all.

The video shows the phone being carved out of a larger monolith by beams of light. It's a neat promo, but that chamfer on the back looks really extreme (even more so when you see it carved out like that). You can clearly see a speaker on the bottom of the phone, so that's more confirmation of no dual front-facing speakers. There might still be a second speaker in the earpiece, though. We'll know for sure tomorrow.