The name Genymobile is well-known throughout the Android development community for building a very fast and efficient emulator before it was cool. Today, Genymobile announced an ambitious new direction for the technology: Genymotion Cloud. Tagged as the first cloud-based Android emulator, Genymotion Cloud is targeted at business and enterprise customers with some big new collaboration and automated testing features.

An Android emulator remains at the heart of Genymotion Cloud, but as the name implies, the emulators are running remotely. The idea here is that it's possible to set up an instance for use in a wide variety of ways. It can be a tool for developers to collaborate remotely, for designers and management to evaluate progress and offer feedback, and even sales and marketing teams which may use it for demos to potential clients.

Plugins for Android Studio and Eclipse are available, and the cloud service supports gradle build scripts and works with popular systems like Jenkins to enable continuous integration. This makes it easy for developers to create a new app build and fire off a round of automated tests on an assortment of device configurations. It's also possible to instantly share custom configurations between developers for testing and diagnostics. More than 3000 device configurations are supported, so just about anything can be tested.

Instances of the emulator are accessible both through the IDE plugins and a web interface, making them easy to use for demonstrations within a company or for sales and support calls. Genymobile is focusing on turning the cloud infrastructure into a tool that can be used across different roles for different reasons.

Prices and features for Genymotion Cloud scale for Indie, Business, and Enterprise tiers depending on the number of users and whether premium support is needed. There is also a free tier for personal use.

Press Release

Genymobile Releases Genymotion Cloud

First Comprehensive Android Platform that Delivers Automation and Collaboration via Cloud to Support the Entire Mobile Application Lifecycle

SAN FRANCISCO and PARIS – 11 April 2016 – Genymobile, the leading provider of Android solutions to power application driven enterprises, today released Genymotion Cloud, the first cloud-based Android platform, bringing new levels of efficiency to the Android application lifecycle through a powerful mixture of collaboration and automation features all delivered via the cloud. With Genymotion Cloud, enterprises are able to build, test, demonstrate and service best-in-class Android applications across the entire application lifecycle while dramatically streamlining the development process.

Genymotion Cloud – unique in the industry as the first cloud-based emulator to combine collaboration and automation features – enables developers, QA, UI/UX designers, sales and marketing, help desk teams and business decision-makers to easily evaluate apps at any stage of development on up to 3,000 unique virtual device “There is mounting pressure for every business to be mobile-powered. It is imperative that mobile development does not become a burden. Our SaaS solution maximizes efficiencies across the whole mobile application value delivery chain,” said co-founder and co-CEO Arnaud Dupuis. “Everyone involved in the project gets the information they need exactly when they need it. This not only means faster time to market. It also means better quality, reliability and improved customer satisfaction.”

Genymotion Cloud Features

Genymotion Cloud provides industry-first collaboration features to stakeholders across the value delivery chain from inception to post-sales support. Collaboration features include:

Live Demonstration: Demo the application’s functionality on any Android device via any web browser, allowing sales and marketing to gather critical market feedback before the application is complete.

Virtual Device Sharing: Remotely share customized virtual device configurations, allowing developers working on the same project to share identical local development environment within minutes.

App Sharing: Provide immediate access to the most up-to-date application under-development for review, meaning developer teams and UX or UI engineers can collaborate more easily all along the project. Sales teams can expedite cycles by allowing potential customers to use and test an app under development without requiring additional engineering support.

Genymotion Cloud provides unique automation capabilities to help developers and QA teams build, test and release applications in record time, eliminating hassles and shortening time to market. With the cost of correcting a bug in an application as high as $14,000 according to a recent study, Genymotion customers save an average of $800,000 dollars a year.

Automation features include:

Continuous Integration (CI) Support: Compatible with on-premise CI infrastructures such as but not limited to Jenkins, Bamboo, Buildbot and TeamCity, Genymotion Cloud allows developers to test code incrementally, avoiding cost- and resource-intensive fixes in the future.

Simplified Code Testing: With standard HTTPS REST and Java APIs developers can create a testing device, install an application, run and test it against multiple device configurations without leaving the development environment.

Gradle Build Support: The Gradle plugin enables developers to automate and accelerate project builds and testing.

IDE Integration: Genymotion Cloud is compatible with industry standard integrated development environments, including Android Studio and Eclipse.

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About Genymobile

Genymobile was founded in 2011 by Angélique Zettor and Arnaud Dupuis and has offices in Paris and San Francisco. It boasts over 10,000 customers, including Facebook, eBay, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Samsung. The company's flagship product, Genymotion, is a fully featured Android emulator that allows developers to perform real-world testing on Android applications to ensure better performance, stability and user experience. The company and its founders have been recognized for excellence in technology, having won the EY 2013 Future Innovation Award, the Prix national du jeune entrepreneur -- the national award of young entrepreneurs -- and the 2014 Ivy Award for young technology leaders. Follow Genymobile on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.