You can buy a phone with a bunch of built-in storage, but you could save money going with microSD cards. You could save even more money waiting for sales.

What's that? Yes, there is one going on right now. How did you know? Lexar is holding a big sale on flash memory over on Amazon, and there are a couple cards up for grabs.

The 64GB option is on sale for $19.99. Amazon says this is down from $87.99, but there are three camels that say the average price is around $30.

The 128GB card is going for $42.99. This, admittedly, is the same amount SanDisk wants for its 128GB card. But these are high performance Lexar cards with read speeds up to 95MB/s and write up to 20MB/s. SanDisk advertises a max write speed of 80MB/s and slower, unspecified write speeds.

This isn't only a Lexar sale. Crucial is also moving goods. Between the two, you may find solid state storage, RAM, or full-sized SD cards you like at the link below. The sale ends in just over thirteen hours.