Ten cents. What can you buy at the store with ten cents? Nothing. You can't even buy a Tootsie Roll Pop for that price, those suckers cost at least a quarter now! You might not be able to buy any physical goods for a dime these days, but today you can buy an awesome game with mechanized warfare for that price. The game I'm talking about is Epic War Tower Defense 2 by developer AMT games.

Epic War TD 2 has been out for a little over a year now, so it's likely this sale is a just a way for the developer to drum up interest for a new title by getting naïve tech bloggers to write about the steep discount in an... Oh. Well, you got me this time guys. Anyways, the game looks to be a pretty standard tower defense game (with the most generic title ever) with above average graphics. According to the app description it features:

  • 9 high-power towers
  • 2 mega towers
  • 44 distinct enemies
  • 50 brain-puzzling missions
  • 100+ hours of enjoyment

Not bad for a tenth of a dollar. Most reviews are positive, but there are a couple of complaints that the game ramps up in difficulty too quickly and that it can be a bit of a grind in later levels. So what, it's a dime, it could be terrible and I still wouldn't feel bad about dropping a dime on it. You shouldn't either. Try it out if you like, the link is in the widget below.

Epic War TD 2 Premium
Epic War TD 2 Premium
Developer: AMT Games Ltd.
Price: $2.99