The factory images are up–some of them–so it's time to take a peek under the covers to discover any changes made to the Android Open Source Project for April's security updates. To make this a bit easier, we've generated changelogs based on the commit history that was just posted to AOSP last night.

As you might expect, the majority of the changes are going to be related to the issues set forth in the April Security Bulletin. A few others appear to be relatively small bug fixes, but nothing jumps out at me as a change that will directly affect user experience or any particularly noticeable bugs. As a reminder, these changelogs only represent code publicly committed to AOSP, and not the changes made to proprietary hardware blobs or other parts of the firmware that can also impact performance and stability.

Shortly after posting the factory images yesterday, Google pulled down the MOB30D builds meant for the Nexus Player and Wi-Fi variants of the Nexus 9 and 7. The tag for those builds has not been pushed to AOSP yet. Combined with the changelog for the Pixel C, it's obvious there will be more changelogs joining this list over the next few hours or days, so check back if you're interested in looking through one of those, this post will be updated as they are added.

Added MOB30D

Earlier this month, the MOB30D build was briefly posted for a few Nexus devices, but was pulled only a little while later. The changes were not posted to AOSP at the time. Today, both the build (with even more devices included) and the changes to AOSP were posted and we've got the changelog ready for examination.

Added M5C14J for the Pixel C

Coming in slightly behind the rest of the Nexus family, we finally have the Pixel C changelog up. This should wrap up the list of updates for April, there are no more supported devices missing updates. There are clearly a few fixes specific to the Pixel C, but most of the changes are very nearly a match to the MOB30D build. I don't have this device, but I have a feeling a few owners out there will be able to point out some of the ways this update will actually make a difference for it.