Smartphone cameras are often at the forefront of hardware evolution year over year when the latest and greatest devices are announced. Whether it be larger pixels, more pixels, better auto-focus, processing, lenses, or literally more cameras, smartphone makers are constantly trying to tell us that the cameras on their devices are always better than they were just twelve months - or less - prior.

This weekend's poll is easy: how many photos do you typically snap in a month? That's not a terribly hard thing to estimate (heck, just go into your gallery and look at dates / frequency of photo taking), so I've given some pretty tightly tuned options that I hope will encompass most of your use cases.

But that's only half the story. How do you use your smartphone camera? Is it typically the front-facing or rear-facing camera you're doing the most shooting on? Are you shooting a lot at night and indoors, or mostly outdoors? Do you shoot many videos? Let's talk smartphone camera usage.

How many photos do you take with your smartphone camera, on average (use your gallery app to estimate)?

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