Sony manufactures some incredible sounding Bluetooth speakers. They also look great with a monolithic, modern, and understated design language. The top-tier speaker in Sony's large list of models is the X9 series, which debuted in 2014. Featuring 7 speakers, 8 digital amps, and 154 watts of power, the SRSX9 can put out a ton of sound.

The X9 is the Swiss army knife of portable speakers and is capable of playback through Bluetooth, WiFi (DLNA or AirPlay), or via a USB connection. It also supports native playback of Hi-Resolution music files up to 192kHz/24-bit including: MP3, WMA, WMA lossless, AAC, FLAC, AIFF, and ALAC. You can even connect the speaker directly to your home internet using the built-in Ethernet port if you are worried about an inconsistent WiFi connection.

One thing that it won't do is travel well, there is no battery in the speaker, which is not a huge surprise considering the amount of power it consumes. It's also fairly large and heavy at roughly 5in x 5in x 17in and 14lbs.

Reviews for the speaker on Amazon are solid, netting a 4.0 star rating with 39 reviews. What isn't solid at Amazon (and other retailers) is the price. The SRSx9, even though it is a year older than the newer SRX-99, still retails between $600-700. Today, however, it's on sale on eBay for just $350, which is nearly half off.

It's still a lot to pay for a speaker, but if you want big, beautiful, sound in a (somewhat) small package, then this might be the deal you've been waiting for.