Since the fall of Google Reader and the rise of Feedly as its de facto replacement, gReader has risen to become one of the best options for RSS reading on the Play Store. That said, it's been quite a while since the app was significantly updated, or updated at all: before today, the last time the app was touched was back in August of last year. But today's update bumps it up to version 4.3.0 and adds quite a bit of new content, notably tweaks to the user interface, settings menu, and a host of bug fixes.

On top of that, the new version is compatible with the multi-window implementation on LG phones and tablets, the web view now uses Chrome's custom tabs feature (which renders web content using Chrome's browser engine in other apps), and users can apply the Instapaper Mobilizer view for easy, text-focused reading. The rest of the changes are subtle, like improved processes for adding or modifying subscriptions or fixes to the widget displays.

All the new changes have also been applied to the Pro version of gReader, which is just short of $5 on the Play Store. Both versions can use local RSS feeds, The Old Reader, and Feedly as import and update tools.

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gReader | Feedly | News | RSS
gReader | Feedly | News | RSS
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