There are Pokémon springing up in the land down under, and you can start catching them all if you're in that part of the world. Niantic Labs has announced the expansion of the Pokémon GO field test to Australia and New Zealand. It was previously limited to Japan.

You can sign up for the test on the Pokémon GO website, but signing up does not guarantee access to the game at this early stage. Niantic Labs is still gathering feedback and tweaking the game before it releases it widely. Players will work together to secure and defend locations in the game, using their captured Pokémon to guard them. Like Ingress, real world locations will serve as points of interest in the game.

Because Pokémon GO is dependent on other players, there might not be much to do in the early test. Still, this is your chance to catch some Pokémon before everyone else. Just watch out for all the real dangerous creatures down there.