We all love free stuff, at least when it's good. So this one is a no-brainer. If you hurry over to Amazon, you might be able to score a free Spigen air vent magnetic mount! Seriously, don't finish reading this, just go now, these probably won't last long. Just add the mount to your cart and use the code XU6JG4A6 at checkout to receive an instant promotional credit that brings the final price down to zero. Even better, this product is eligible for Amazon Prime shipping.

The code has been used up

As expected, these went super fast. A few people have confirmed that the code is no longer valid. Good luck next time!

Amazon has cancelled all of the orders

It looks like somebody at Spigen or Amazon made a pretty big mistake. Emails went out last night informing customers that their orders for the free Spigen magnetic air vent mount had been cancelled. The email cited "a technical error" as the reason, but gave no more information. Amazon is usually very consistent about offering credit as part of its apologies when it is at fault, which suggests that Spigen is responsible for the cancellations. My hunch is that the code was meant for a small number of people to receive a free gift, but then it was leaked publicly. Here's the email:


We're very sorry to inform you that we won't be able to fulfill one or more items from the following order(s) due to a technical error. We have canceled items from the Order(s) listed below:

(Order Number)
(Item Number)

We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.

We value your business and hope that we’ll see you again at Amazon.com.


Since this is free, I doubt there's a point to "selling" anybody on this mount. Nevertheless, it's worth pointing out that it is currently maintaining a really solid rating of 4.3 stars out of 5 with just over 1,400 customer reviews. Why are you still reading? Go get it!

The code is limited to 1-per-customer. We're really not sure if there are geo-restrictions on this code. Sorry if it doesn't work in your country. If you are an Amazon Prime subscriber, shipping will obviously be free, or you can take advantage of no-rush shipping to actually make a small profit (in the form of store credit) on this purchase.

At this point, I assume you've already purchased it and just came back to finish reading this post, Right? If not, I can't help you...

Buy Link: Amazon

Code: XU6JG4A6

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