Welcome back to another week of the Android Police Podcast. To catch us live on Hangouts On Air every Thursday at 5:30PM PST (subject to change as per the calendar widget below), just head over to androidpolice.com/podcast. For the unedited video show, click here (warning: this video is uncut). As always, we'll take your questions, homescreens, and old Android devices at 530-HELLO-AP and also at our email address: podcast at androidpolice dot com.

On this week's show: New Google Play icons, the Huawei P9 is announced, HTC Vive gets a companion app, we rate your submitted homescreens, and more! Homescreen screenshots from this week's episode are below.

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Screenshot_20160405-101959 Screenshot_20160407-142557

Faisal's Tinderific Facebook minefield

Screenshot_20160402-151402 Screenshot_20160402-151414

Dave from the UK's Punisher layout

Screenshot_2016-04-02-21-00-55 Screenshot_2016-04-02-21-01-19 Screenshot_2016-04-02-21-01-33

Shrikanth's ultra-minimalist setup. Fancy.

Screenshot_2016-04-02-13-27-23 Screenshot_2016-04-02-13-29-02

Roderick has a lot of folders.

2016-04-03 22.03.42 Screenshot_20160405-121902 Screenshot_20160405-121912

Left: James, center and right: Jared